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Chase’s real estate interest sparked as a child, helping his dad repair his rental properties around Baton Rouge, LA. When Chase was 19, he began a marketing internship with a Baton Rouge commercial real estate firm, which within a month led to him getting his Louisiana real estate license and beginning working in the commercial field on retail, office, industrial, and land properties. Upon graduating Southeastern Louisiana University in 2018, Chase moved to Seattle to lead business development and partnerships with residential real estate startup, Flyhomes. Chase had a gift for business development and forming relationships and became the top contributor of new clients to Seattle’s #1 rated real estate brokerage.

Throughout the two years he was at Flyhomes, he felt that he was lacking the pleasure of taking clients through the entire homebuying process, and wanted to get more involved. He also saw numerous opportunities in real estate that most companies refused to get involved with.

This was when it clicked for him and he decided to launch his own business. After his Louisiana-based family’s numerous attempts to get him to move back to the South, he landed on Austin, TX. With a fastly-growing real estate market, the local cuisine, and the surplus of live music, Austin fit all his criteria.

Chase’s business is centered around integrity and responsibility. His relentless client-obsession and patience make him stand out in the industry. Additionally, his experience in investment properties adds additional competence to clients’ decisions on investing based on rental rates, property values, cap rates, and market analysis. When it comes to purchasing, he will not persuade clients if it’s not the right time for them - he works on the leasing side too, and will pivot his service to help in any capacity the client needs. Lastly, he takes partnerships seriously and has partners that can enable you to be more competitive in this hot housing market, from making you an all-cash buyer, to buying before you sell, to buying for no money down, to ensuring your home will sell.

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